triValence Expands Platform Offering to Serve Procurement and Expense Management Needs of Large Surgery Center Organizations

  • With the release of Premium and Enterprise solutions, triValence will enable large surgery center organizations to drive efficiency and achieve time and cost savings
  • OrthoVirginia, the state’s largest provider of orthopedic medicine and therapy, will join triValence in development partnership to pilot Enterprise platform in its operatories.

Minneapolis, Minn. triValence, a B2B platform technology company that optimizes procurement and expense management in the non-acute healthcare sector, today announced that its Premium and Enterprise solutions are available to mid-size and large surgery centers with complex supply chain and finance needs.

These versions of the robust yet simple-to-use triValence platform offer new benefits to ambulatory surgery centers operating multiple sites that seek to replace manual workflows and outdated technology systems to manage their procurement and payment processes in one intuitive, automated platform.

Earlier this year, triValence launched the Professional version of the platform, simplifying operations for smaller ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices, many of which still use paper-based systems. It is already in use by customers, enabling their centers to save cost and staff time by eliminating inefficient workflows and enabling savings across their operations.  

“With the continued development of our platform, triValence aims to revolutionize the work paradigm in the non-acute care sector and help providers and suppliers overcome the fragmentation that prevents them from optimizing their supply chain operations,” says Dunston Almeida, founder and CEO of triValence. “We are proud to bring this innovation to the market and allow ASC providers to focus their efforts on growth and high-quality patient care.”

Key features of Premium and Enterprise products include:

  • Procurement, payment and approval workflows integrated in one platform that automates ordering, payments, invoices management discrepancy resolution in a single hub. It can replace multiple disparate systems or technologies or paper-based processes.
  • Automation of manual procurement and payment processes that eliminates countless hours and administrative burden.
  • Configurable, clean and actionable data resources for cost-saving, practice optimization and best practices implementation required to operate a successful surgery center or clinic today.
  • Free onboarding support, with no hidden cost and with minimal disruption to the daily work, and a dedicated customer success team to ensure a center can quickly start realizing the value.
  • Inventory management capabilities, including scanner functionality for ordering and tracking
  • Advanced features such as approval workflows, payment of non-PO invoices and more
  • New Premium features such as the Global Product Catalogue, CSOS ordering capabilities and others will also be released this fall.

OrthoVirginia, the largest provider of patient-centered orthopedic medicine and therapy in the state, is partnering with triValence to provide input on the platform design and pilot the Enterprise solution in its operatories this year.

“As a practice with more than 140 orthopedic specialists in over 35 locations throughout the state of Virginia dedicated to innovation and outcome-focused care, we constantly seek opportunities to improve our operations and better serve our patients,” says Christopher Higgins, CPA, Chief Financial Officer at OrthoVirginia. “Partnering with triValence offers us an opportunity to optimize our operations, drive efficiency and identify cost savings for both our organization and our patients receiving care.  We look forward to using an integrated platform to better align our finance and supply chain teams and give us the visibility we need to reduce cost across our centers. We also appreciate that triValence is seeking input to create a solution that is truly tailored for modern-day centers like ours.”

“We are grateful to OrthoVirginia for allowing us to configure the triValence platform in a best-in-class clinical environment and help us ensure our platform is truly tailored to the business needs of ambulatory surgery centers, clinics and other non-acute providers,” says Almeida. “Development partners like OrthoVirginia are incredible sources of knowledge. They help our team stay laser-focused on building features that solve the most pressing needs providers face today, while enabling centers to achieve operational excellence and dedicate their resources to what matters most—their patients.”

Interested centers can learn more about the Professional, Premium and Enterprise solutions and contact [email protected] to discuss which version is right for your business.


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A B2B cloud-based SaaS company, triValence reimagines the procurement and payment healthcare ecosystem by combining fintech and healthcare technology to offer a transformational solution that enables non-acute providers to optimize payments and supply chain performance, while providing actionable data insights, all from one integrated platform.

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