Simplify how you request, purchase, and pay for supplies

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Manage procurement and vendor payments in one place

Shop for supplies, generate purchase orders, match receipts and invoices, and pay your vendors with the click of a button. Then easily view your vendor and spend data to manage your operating costs more effectively.

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Shop for supplies from multiple vendors

We incorporate your existing vendors, item master, and GPO pricing so that you can easily browse and shop for supplies in one centralized place. Simply add items to your cart and auto-generate purchase orders for approval.

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Receive actionable data and insights

Get visibility into your most important procurement and accounts payable tasks daily, while also receiving reporting on your facility’s supply spend, account balances, and opportunities for cost savings.

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Pay with the click of a button

After an automatic 3-way match, you can securely connect your bank account through our partnership with PlaidTM and easily pay your vendors through their preferred payment method, whether that’s a direct withdrawal, check, or credit card.

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