Manage all of your vendor payments from one platform

Connect your bank accounts and make payments in a single platform with our payment tools.

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What needs does it address?

Manage all payment types

With our platform we will streamline payment to all of your vendors no matter how they are paid; Credit Card, ACH, or Check.

Never miss a payment

Our technology will provide you with smart alerts for payments coming due.

Payment reconciliation

Paying from our platform will provide end-to-end reconciliation, including visibility of payments to the time they are deposited by the receiving bank.

What are the benefits?

Pay all of your vendors in one place

Our solution allows you to manage all vendor payments, payment types, and payment frequency in one easy-to-use platform.

Cash flow visibility

Utilizing our platform for all of your payments will increase your end-to-end cashflow visibility by utilizing our banking integrations and data insights at the time of purchasing to payment.

Increase accounts payable efficiency

Our platform tools will save your team time allowing them to focus on your business.