New Year, New ASC Goals for 2023

As we ease into 2023, we expect that the ASC industry will continue to grow, but challenges and pain points will remain. triValence is here to help so you can manage growth, keep your patients safe and maintain a happy staff at your ASC.  

Ordering and paying for supplies is a manual, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process that may lead to errors. triValence will help you automate these manual processes and remove the frustration from your daily tasks. Our cloud-based solution enables you to order supplies, match POs to their invoices, and pay your vendors with just one click.   

With the triValence solution, you can:  

Order and pay for supplies with multiple vendors so you can easily auto-generate, manage, and track all POs and invoices.  

Administrators and material managers often order supplies from multiple online vendor portals, which requires the skills of a toggle ninja and creates inefficiencies while managing disparate POs and numerous vendor invoices.  

triValence enables you to:   

  • Order from a universal product catalog
  • Automatically update your item master and contract pricing  
  • Separate and track POs by each vendor  
  • Manage PO by type
  • Automatically match your PO, invoice, and receipt  
  • Pay your invoices with one click.

Automate your payments and eliminate checks.  

ASCs can spend more than $20, on average, to process one paper invoice. If your ASC sends hundreds of checks annually, that expense will add up quickly. triValence offers payment automation technology allowing you to eliminate checks and pay at the click of a button. Connect multiple bank accounts and access your account information in real-time. You can automatically integrate your accounting system to gain visibility into savings opportunities that go right to your bottom line.

Access actionable reports on your supply chain purchasing from one platform  

Most ASCs still pay by check or with credit cards and therefore lack real-time visibility into expense management habits. The triValence solution eliminates the need for excel spreadsheets and it centralizes all purchasing, reporting, and payment information so that you know your daily spending down to the cent.  

2023 brings innovative solutions for your ASC. Running your business has never been easier using our simple, user-friendly solution. Make sure to register to receive first access to our professional (free) solution. We cannot wait to eliminate the frustrations of your daily tasks and simplify your life. 

This is the future of ASCs. 

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