Celebrating Supply Chain Professionals: The Backbone of Exceptional Care

Join triValence as we celebrate National Supply Chain Week and the dedicated individuals vital in keeping ASC centers running efficiently. triValence is fortunate to have three exceptional women with extensive healthcare supply chain leadership experience. We celebrate our staff members and all supply chain professionals who have made remarkable contributions to the industry. 

We interviewed our staff members, and each shared their thoughts about what attracted them to this field and where they see the industry five years from now. Each experienced a different healthcare journey, but their shared commonality was a passion for changing healthcare. They came to triValence driven by a determination to bring positive change to the ASC industry overdue for a revamp. 

Tonia Kraus serves as VP, Head of Strategic Supplier Engagement and has over 30 years in non-acute healthcare leadership, with over 20 years as an executive in group purchasing organizations. Sneha Patel, Director of Perioperative Product Development, brings nearly 15 years in the medical supply chain. Katie St. Onge, Head of Product, brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare and supply chain. 

The innovation in medicine – especially diagnostics and treatment – has dramatically outpaced advances in business operations. They feel strongly that the time the back office catches up is now. “This is especially true for the non-acute sector as they are at the forefront of the shifting landscape,” says Tonia Kraus, who was recently recognized as one of 35 supply chain leaders to know by Becker’s Healthcare. “ASCs and non-acute providers are well positioned to grow under the push for value-based care models. However, they are also hit by staffing shortages, shrinking reimbursements, and the rising cost of supply chain and staff retention. The industry must not leave any opportunity on the table to drive cost-saving efficiencies while investing in talent development.” 

Sneha Patel notes that her journey began with a determination to prove her capabilities as she faced the challenge of proving her ideas and problem-solving methodologies in the supply chain industry. Undeterred, Sneha continued and demonstrated an unwavering dedication to her profession. Interestingly, Sneha’s academic background initially steered her towards a career in pharmacy, having obtained a degree in chemistry. However, her fascination with the intricacies of healthcare supply chain gradually drew her in, as she discovered a profound passion for optimizing supply chain processes. Sneha says. “Supply chain allowed me to channel my passion for fixing the processes and experimenting with new technology that improved efficiencies and productivity.” Her adeptness in resolving intricate problems quickly gained recognition, opening doors to more significant opportunities in the healthcare supply chain domain and, ultimately, with triValence. “We are making supply chain processes simpler. The supply chain doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as we all see it.”

Katie, too, arrived at healthcare supply chain through a detour after pursuing a post-graduate degree that was supposed to prepare her to be a clinician. “The more clinical shadowing I did, the more I got an insight into what goes on in the healthcare industry. This growing understanding drove my passion and desire to help the miracle makers of the healthcare world in a different way. These people make a difference in patients’ lives and work within complex business systems daily. I wanted to find a way to help them and make the systems they use better, easier, and more intuitive. This motivated me to become involved in the business side of healthcare.”

Katie, Tonia, and Sneha agree that the healthcare supply chain industry is on the cusp of transformation, driven by the need to create a more resilient system after the pandemic and because leaders of the non-acute sector will be compelled to design strategies to sustain accelerated growth. They believe the near future will see an increased collaboration between providers and suppliers. “We will have to work together and innovate together in ways that may have seemed unattainable before the pandemic to tackle the industry challenges that face us, such as product and labor shortages, rising costs, and increased uncertainty with geopolitical events,” Katie says. 

Sneha firmly believes that implementing robust solutions capable of streamlining the labor-intensive processes prevalent in ASCs is essential to unlocking significant efficiencies and cost savings within the system. She emphasizes that innovative technologies are crucial to unlocking valuable data, paving the way for substantial advancements and improvements in the ASC environment.

Tonia sees more cross-industry collaboration in the future, accelerating the transformation. “Healthcare supply chain leaders will continue to learn from other industries to create more customer-centric designs and processes to strengthen the relationship between providers and suppliers. Technology platforms will bond these two sides, strengthening the ecosystem.”

triValence is fortunate to benefit from the passion, experience, and determination of remarkable women like Tonia, Sneha, and Katie. Their dedication to the supply chain is instrumental in ensuring the success of ASC centers. As an ASC community, let’s unite to honor and recognize the remarkable contributions made by all supply chain professionals in pursuing innovation and excellence in healthcare.

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