Frequently Asked Questions

Why does triValence need this information?

We will use this information to validate your account with your medical distributors and prepare connections with the distributors to ensure that you are ready to order when the platform is available. Your day-to-day ordering will not change until you confirm that you would like to launch the application upon its release. The information you provide allows us to get the ‘wiring’ in place to be ready to go if you choose to go live with the platform.

Will this data be shared with any third parties?

No. Your information will be collected and used for the purpose described above and will not be shared outside of the necessary stakeholders.

When will the product be ready?

The product is ready today!

What information will I need to provide when the product goes live?

To onboard your organization, we will ask you for basic banking information to set up the medical distributors’ payments module and user information to set up your accounts (name, phone number, etc.). That’s it!