Other Banking Fees

Payment Processing Fees

Payment Processing Fees

The following payment processing fees are included in your subscription agreement.

  • Check payments via standard mail
  • E-check payments*
  • ACH Payments to vendor who participate in our ACH network
  • Payments to vendor who participate in our virtual card network

The following payment processing fees are additional transaction fees based on service usage.

Same Day ACH                                                   $5

Expedited Check Payments*

  • Overnight                                            $22
  • Two Day                                               $18
  • Three Day                                            $12

Canceled Payments                                         $20

ACH Return Fee                                                 $10

Service utilized to expedite payment will be billed at the time of the payment, with the fee added in the ACH pull from your account in addition the payment amount to be expedited.

*Note that this feature/functionality is not live.


Cancelled Payments: Included payments canceled that are in transit and voided checks. 10 voided checks per month will be included in your subscription fees, specifically for voided checks initiated by triValence because the vendor has not deposited in the check within 90 days of the issue date.

ACH Return Fee: Includes ACH returns listed in the below ACH return code table. 

ACH Return List by ACH Return Code

R01Insufficient FundsThe available and/or cash reserve balance is not sufficient to cover the dollar value of the debit entry.
R02Account ClosedA previously active account has been closed by action of the customer or the RDFI.
R03No Account/Unable to Locate AccountThe account number structure is valid and it passes the check digit validation, but the account number does not correspond to the individual identified in the entry, or the account number designated is not an open account.
R04Invalid Account NumberThe account number structure is not valid.  The entry may fail the check digit validation or may contain an incorrect number of digits.
R05Unauthorized Debit Entry Account number structure not valid: entry may fail check digit validation or may contain incorrect number of digits.  * You cannot re-submit this transaction. Any additional transactions you attempt to process against this account will also be returned unless your customer specifically instructs his bank to accept them.
R06Returned per ODFI’s RequestThe ODFI has requested that the RDFI return the ACH entry.  If the RDFI agrees to return the entry, the ODFI must indemnify the RDFI according to Article Five (Return, Adjustment, Correction, and Acknowledgment of Entries and Entry Information) of these Rules.
R07Authorization Revoked by Customer (adjustment entries)Authorization Revoked by Customer – Consumer, who previously authorized ACH payment, has revoked authorization from Originator (must be returned no later than 60 days from settlement date and customer must sign affidavit).
R08Payment Stopped or Stop Payment on ItemThe Receiver of a recurring debit transaction has the right to stop payment on any specific ACH debit.  The RDFI should verify the Receiver’s intent when a request for stop payment is made to ensure this is not intended to be a revocation of authorization.
R09Uncollected FundsSufficient book or ledger balance exists to satisfy the dollar value of the transaction, but the dollar value of transactions in the process of collection (i.e., uncollected checks) brings the available and/or cash  reserve balance below the dollar value of the debit entry.
R10Customer Advises Not Authorized; Item Is Ineligible, Notice Not Provided, Signatures Not Genuine, or Item Altered (adjustment entries)For entries to Consumer Accounts that are not PPD debit entries constituting notice of presentment or PPD Accounts Receivable Truncated Check Debit Entries in accordance with Article Two, subsection 2.1.4(2), the RDFI has been notified by its customer, the Receiver, that the Originator of a given transaction has not been authorized to debit his account.[For entries to Consumer Accounts that are not PPD Accounts Receivable Truncated Check Debit Entries in accordance with Article Two, subsection 2.1.4(2) (Authorization/Notification for PPD Accounts Receivable Truncated Check Debit Entries), the RDFI has been notified by its customer, the Receiver, that the Originator of a given transaction has not been authorized to debit his account.]
R11Customer Advises Entry Not in Accordance with the Terms of the AuthorizationUsed by the RDFI to return an entry for which the Originator and Receiver have a relationship, and an authorization to debit exists, but there is an error or defect in the payment such that the entry does not conform to the terms of the authorization. (i.e., “an incorrect amount,” “payment was debited earlier than authorized” )  For ARC, BOC or POP errors with the original source document and errors may exist.   (i.e. “document is ineligible”, “notice was not provided to Receiver”, “amount was not accurate per the source document”)
R12Branch Sold to Another DFIA financial institution may continue to receive entries destined for an account at a branch that has been sold to another financial institution.  Because the RDFI no longer maintains the account and is unable to post the entry, it should return the entry to the ODFI.
R13RDFI not qualified to participateFinancial institution is not qualified to participate in ACH or the routing number is incorrect.
R14Representative Payee Deceased or Unable to Continue in that CapacityThe representative payee is a person or institution authorized to accept entries on behalf of one or more other persons, such as legally incapacitated adults or minor children.  The representative payee is either deceased or unable to continue in that capacity.  The beneficiary is not deceased.
R15Beneficiary or Account Holder (Other Than a Representative Payee) Deceased(1) The beneficiary is the person entitled to the benefits and is deceased. The beneficiary may or may not be the account holder; or (2) The account holder (acting in a non-representative payee capacity) is an owner of the account and is deceased.
R16Account FrozenThe funds in the account are unavailable due to specific action taken by the RDFI or by legal action.
R17File Record Edit Criteria (Specify)Some fields that are not edited by the ACH Operator are edited by the RDFI.  If the entry cannot be processed by the RDFI, the field(s) causing the processing error must be identified in the addenda record information field of the return.
R20Non-Transaction AccountThe ACH entry destined for a non-transaction account. This would include either an account against which transactions are prohibited or limited.
R21Invalid Company IdentificationThe identification number used in the Company Identification Field is not valid. This Return Reason Code will normally be used on CIE transactions.
R22Invalid Individual ID NumberIn CIE and MTE entries, the Individual ID Number is used by the Receiver to identify the account. The Receiver has indicated to the RDFI that the number with which the Originator was identified is not correct.
R23Credit Entry Refused by ReceiverThe Receiver may return a credit entry because one of the following conditions exists:  (1) a minimum amount required by the Receiver has not been remitted; (2) the exact amount required has not been remitted; (3) the account is subject to litigation and the Receiver will not accept the transaction; (4) acceptance of the transaction results in an overpayment; (5) the Originator is not known by the Receiver; or (6) the Receiver has not authorized this credit entry to this account.
R24Duplicate EntryThe RDFI has received what appears to be a duplicate entry; i.e., the trace number, date, dollar amount and/or other data matches another transaction. This code should be used with extreme care.  The RDFI should be aware that if a file has been duplicated, the Originator may have already generated a reversal transaction to handle the situation.
R29Corporate Customer Advises Not AuthorizedThe RDFI has been notified by the Receiver (non-consumer) that the Originator of a given transaction has not been authorized to debit the Receiver’s account.
R31Permissible Return Entry (CCD and CTX only)The RDFI has been notified by the ODFI that the ODFI agrees to accept a CCD or CTX return entry in accordance with Article Seven, section 7.3 (ODFI Agrees to Accept CCD or CTX Return).
R33Return of XCK EntryThe RDFI determines at its sole discretion to return an XCK entry.  This return reason code may only be used to return XCK entries.  An XCK entry may be returned up to sixty days after its Settlement Date.