Brian Giessler serves as SVP of Operations at triValence. Brian has more than 22 years of healthcare experience in financial management, operations, and administration. Most recently, Brian served as Health System VP and Chief Administrative Officer of ASCs and Perioperative Optimization at Johns Hopkins Health System. Before joining Johns Hopkins, he was the senior vice president of operations and business services for Sovereign Healthcare in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he oversaw the financial and operational functions of their surgery centers and four anesthesia groups. He was a supply chain consultant with Navigant, with a focus on spine and orthopedic procurement strategies for large health systems and Academic Medical Centers. He was a business analyst and surgical centers business manager at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, and a labor and senior financial analyst at Caritas Christi Health Care System in Boston, Massachusetts.

Brian earned a master’s degree in business administration and a Master of Legal Studies in health care and compliance and transaction law. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from Bryant College.